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Named one of the largest commercial real estate brokerages in the Puget Sound area by Puget Sound Business Journal in 2015.

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Paragon Real Estate Advisors is the leading Seattle real estate investment firm for multi-family property sales in Washington State. We have accrued over $3 billion in sales and have closed nearly 1,700 successful real estate transactions. We are locally owned, client-focused and highly experienced. When it comes to apartments and investment real estate in the Puget Sound region, we are the smart choice to partner with.

At Paragon, we build long-term partnerships that help our clients reach their long- and short-term real estate investment goals while maintaining maximum profitability for them. Our brokers have an in-depth knowledge of the Washington state real estate market, particularly in the greater Seattle area and the I-5 corridor, that comes from more than 20 years' experience in the industry. Paragon’s unique focus on sharing knowledge, teamwork and collaboration within the brokerage industry leverages our collective intellect for all our clients. Our brokers provide superior customer representation through our innovative and effective marketing campaigns, co-brokerage, skilled negotiations, and ongoing partnerships.


Our current investment opportunities are listed below. Paragon's listings vary in size and in style and are located throughout the Puget Sound region. Our inventory changes frequently. Join our mailing list to be notified of future listings.

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  Property Location Price Units Type Neighborhood
 Annapolis ApartmentsPort Orchard$695,0006Multi-FamilyPort Orchard
 Judkins Park 6Seattle$1,125,0006Multi-FamilyJudkins Park
 Shoreline Development SiteShoreline$795,000LandShoreline
 Queen Anne TriplexSeattle$950,0003Multi-FamilyQueen Anne
 The StantonSeattle$9,600,00026Mixed UseBallard
 Alki Park ApartmentsSeattle$1,450,0006Multi-FamilyAlki
 Cliffton ApartmentsSeattle$1,400,00017Multi-FamilyBurien
 Northgate Retail and Redevelopment SiteSeattle$9,500,000Retail/LandNorthgate
 North Ballard 6 UnitSeattle$1,750,0006Multi-FamilyBallard
 Beacon Hill Development SiteSeattle$4,500,000LandBeacon Hill
 Beach Drive TriplexSeattle$1,095,0003Multi-FamilyWest Seattle
 South Hill Development SitePuyallup$279,500LandPuyallup
 Harbor SquareSeattle$7,500,00027Multi-FamilyWest Seattle
 Mount Vernon RetailMount vernon$595,0003RetailMount Vernon
 Pacific Pointe Meridian ParkSeattle$24,000,00049Mixed UseWallingford
 Arden Park ApartmentsKent$4,150,00036Multi-FamilyKent
 Fountainside ApartmentsSeattle$5,900,00019Multi-FamilyQueen Anne
 Northgate ManorSeattle$9,900,00056Multi-FamilyNorth Seattle
 Downtown Burien Development SiteBurien$599,950LandBurien
 North Beacon Hill Apt Dev SiteSeattle$925,0004Multi-FamilyBeacon Hill
 California Avenue ApartmentsSeattle$3,590,00012Multi-FamilyWest Seattle
 Gilman TerraceSeattle71Multi-FamilyQueen Anne
 Lake Union 5 Unit / Dev SiteSeattle$1,500,0005Multi-FamilySouth Lake Union
 4050 CondominiumsSeattle$1,795,0006Multi-FamilyWest Seattle
 Roosevelt Light Rail Dev SiteSeattle$5,000,000LandRoosevelt
 Ridgeview ApartmentsSeattle$6,500,00018Multi-FamilySeattle
 Mount Baker Development SiteSeattle$599,950LandSeattle


Paragon brokers have one of the largest bases of return clients in Seattle. But we also are constantly building our clientele. We frequently partner with new investors, one-time investors, and established Northwest real estate investment professionals. Clients list their property with Paragon in order to benefit from our innovative, targeted, and effective marketing plans, unique teamwork-based approach, in-depth knowledge of the Pacific Northwest, and client partnerships that last beyond the deal.

Our brokers strive to build lasting partnerships with our clients. We support our clients at every step of the buying, selling, and the ownership process in order to help them maximize their success in investment real estate. Our main objective is to help our clients fulfill their short-and-long term investment goals while maximizing profitability for them.


In 1995 our founders saw an opportunity to form a new kind of brokerage, one that focused on sharing information between brokers and truly partnering with its clients. Paragon Real Estate Advisors quickly established itself as a leading Seattle real estate investment firm. To date, Paragon has closed $3 billion in multi-family property sales.

Our brokers have found that by redefining how investment real estate advisors work they are better able to position their clients for success. One powerful tool we have added is co-brokering, which increases a property’s visibility and allows our brokers to build a strong marketing campaign for our clients.

Brokers at Paragon expose properties to the largest possible audience thereby creating a greater demand for the property. That demand translates into higher returns, increased negotiating power, and ultimately, more successful apartment ownership for Paragon clients—making Paragon Real Estate Advisors the smart choice.

Paragon has closed more than 1,700 real estate transactions. Our brokers are expert negotiators, often troubleshooting issues before they become problems to ensure a smooth transaction process for our clients. This is one of the many ways Paragon brokers are able to help clients reach their real estate investment goals and maximize our clients' profitability.

At Paragon, brokers don’t end partnerships with their clients when the deal closes. We always go beyond the deal to ensure that our clients enjoy long-term success as apartment owners. We frequently advise on apartment ownership issues and connect our clients with reliable experts in a number of fields – from siding experts to real estate attorneys. Our brokers are fully invested in helping our clients find the greatest success possible as apartment building owners.

Proven Results:

At Paragon Real Estate Advisors, we have reached $3 billion in sales by basing our business on four key components: Partnerships, Customer Representation, Teamwork, Experience. Learn More


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Paragon's 4 Key Components

At Paragon Real Estate Advisors, we have reached $3 billion in sales by basing our business on four key components:
  • Partnerships. When we agree to represent a client at Paragon, our relationship goes beyond just one transaction. We go beyond the deal to build a long-term partnership with our clients. After 20 successful years in the Seattle real estate investment market we have built relationships with respected experts for every aspect of apartment ownership. We regularly recommend a wide variety of professionals to our clients, from siding installers and roofers to due diligence firms and real estate attorneys.
  • Customer Representation. Our clients’ needs drive everything we do at Paragon and our experienced brokers are committed to helping our clients realize their goals and maximize their profitability. Brokers at Paragon expose properties to the largest possible audience for their client in the shortest time possible – thereby creating demand for the property and an advantage when it comes time to negotiate the sale.
  • Teamwork. Paragon Real Estate Investment Advisors takes a unique, team-based approach to real estate investment. Our brokers share information on listings, market trends, negotiating strategies, and troubleshooting strategies, leveraging the collective intellect of our firm for every real estate transaction we close.
  • Experience. Our brokers have an in-depth knowledge of the real estate market in Washington State, particularly in the greater Seattle area and all along the I-5 corridor, that comes from more than twenty years in the apartment industry. Paragon clients enter property negotiations in a position of power because we’ve built a strong marketing campaign from the start.
For more complicated transactions we can often foresee issues and resolve them before they become a problem. We have successfully closed over 1,700 transactions including everything from low-down, seller financing to all cash transactions, raw land, new construction, condominium conversions, problem properties, and more.

At Paragon, we are committed to leveraging our considerable resources to help you reach your commercial real estate investment goals for as long as you own your property.


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